Discovery Calls are a great way to learn more details about what your prospective travel customers want and need in order to make their dream vacation come to life. 

Inside this masterclass, you will learn how to structure your Discovery Calls in a manner that get the most information, uncovers the requirements your customer doesn't even know they had and position you to close more travel customers.

Who is This Masterclass For Travel Professionals:

  • Who want to get more customers who submit requests to actually book travel.
  • Struggling to have a consistent way to conduct interviews with their clients
  • Who Want to Close More Sales

Course curriculum

Learn What To Do Once You Get The Discovery Call Scheduled.

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Course Testimonials


Genesis Travel

Yesterday’s training was off the hook. I’m telling you if you missed it you need to get the replay for sho! Even though I’ve done Discovery calls before (and never called them that....I just used to call them calls) but yesterday, I learned so much that will make me do better Discovery calls and be In control. I guarantee you you will not be disappointed if you get then replay...I was on the training and believe me I’m going back to listen to It again. The trainings Sundey gives us structured in a great way that you will not go away not learning anything. Trust me you will learn something that will be a great benefit to your business.


Treasured Journeys Travel

It was a GREAT training, if you missed it you must go back and listen to it. If you aren't closing your discovery calls or if you aren't doing them, Sundey provides a step by step easy process where you are able to build rapport (KLT) with your potential client. She also provides a great script for introducing your fee and a simple technique that positions you as the professional. This Is where I struggled but after taking the class, I now have the tools to conduct an informative and productive Discovery Call not only for me but for the client as well. And this is what helps you to ROCK YOUR DISCOVERY CALLS! Thank you Sundey Gardner, I appreciate you!